We fix problems in your mouth so you can smile again.

Not consulting a qualified oral surgeon early can lead to serious complications.

Wisdom teeth can crowd out other teeth, causing pain and discomfort and lead to bigger problems

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Damaged or diseased jaws can be both the cause of other issues or a painful symptom of a serious condition

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Not getting proper dental implants can rob you of your confidence in your personal and professional life

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When something in your mouth hurts, it can be very hard for you to concentrate on anything else

Don’t put off getting the relief you need from a certified oral surgeon.

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We'll give your face a reason to smile again!

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Pro-active removal of wisdom teeth before you experience any problems can help avoid painful complications down the road

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Your regular dentist may refer you to us to take a closer look at your particular situation and to get our experienced, professional opinion

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Our state-of-the-art technology provides an early diagnosis of serious conditions that otherwise go unnoticed and untreated

Here's how you should take control of your oral health:
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Have checkups and cleanings twice a year with your regular dentist

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Get a referral for preventable problems like wisdom teeth

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Schedule a consultation early if you have any oral pain or discomfort